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Virtual booths: Include information about your organization, employment opportunities, application requirements, and more.
Real-time, interactive chat sessions: Speak with and answer questions from enthusiastic job seekers. Chat privately with an individual.
Customized booths: Target a specific subject area or recruit in all areas.
Message boards: Post answers to commonly asked questions. Respond to questions posted by job seekers.
Integrate: The services of the Education Canada Network (ECN), Education America Network (EAN) and AustraliaTeachers.com (AT), are integrated with access to a user base of over 650,000 unique visitors per month.
Statistics: Measure how successful your EducationJobFairs.com booth is.
User-friendly interface and design: Easily create your customized booth and chat with job seekers.
No travel or printed materials needed: Everything is online. Operate your booth from wherever you are.
Targeted audience: Job fairs are marketed to university students and to the job seekers who use our education-specific partners, ECN, EAN, AT and Teachingjobs.com. EducationJobFairs.com is designed exclusively for the education industry.
Global scope: The internet provides an infinite scope of interested and qualified individuals from around the world to view your employment opportunities. From highly qualified foreign teachers to non-resident citizens, the online job fair eliminates travel barriers for potential candidates.
Integrated with our partner sites: Employer information and job postings for existing members of any of our partners will be automatically uploaded to EducationJobFairs.com.
Open 24 hours a day: An online job fair is never closed. Even if a chat is not in session, job seekers are able to access your employment information and job opportunities.
Save money: Save money on costs associated with typical job fairs such as, material, travel, food, and accommodations.
Save time: Eliminate travel. Just log on. If you are a member of one of our partners, we will use your employer information from that site to create your booth. No need to start from scratch.
Attract qualified individuals: Users of EducationJobFairs.com are interested in working in the education industry.
Reduce frustration: Enjoy the job fair experience. The user-friendly interface and "help" functions make participating in an online job fair easy.
Reach a global audience: The power of the internet makes online job fairs available to anyone with an internet connection.
Enjoy flexibility: Schedule chat sessions that fit in your timetable. Choose to join an existing job fair or host your own. Access your booth anytime of the day.
Market your organization: Customize your booth to attract the types of personnel you want. Upload application forms, recruitment materials, and more.


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